Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wow... Okay, questions post #1

I just got hit with a lot of questions. Although I'm sure many of these will be answered once I start getting into stories, it would appear that some people are worried. So, here goes...

1. Are you having sex at the parties?

No. Absolutely not. I have been told that part of the benefits of my job could be participation on a slow night, since I won't be making as much money, but I will not be taking advantage of that.

2. Are the parties illegal?

Again, no. These parties are for consenting adults. The money that participants pay is to cover the venue as well as the time and effort it takes to put on and run theses parties. NO ONE IS PAID FOR SEX.

3. Are you hosting the parties at your house?

No on two counts. First, sex parties will in no way come near my personal life. They will not be held at my house, ever. Second, I am a hostess. The job is very similar to a hostess at restaurant on speed dating night. Think of it that way.

4. How'd you get into this?

You have to read the blog, silly! "The Birth of Amanda Payne" is all about it, and is already half written.

5. Okay, but you're going to have sex at these parties eventually, right?

NO. On top of many other valid reasons, doing that while being in the room of my boss would skeeve me out to no end.

6. Can I come?

YES. Girls, you can hostess with me if you'd like (assuming you know me), or participate in the party for free. Boys, you'd have to pay, and I guess you could play the nervous bachelor if you're not going to take part in the activities. I use fake names for everyone on my blog, but we might want to talk about how you'd like to preserve your anonymity when the time comes.

7. How often do you do this?

Good question! I don't have a regular schedule, and I do want to make sure I don't lose all of my Saturday nights. I'll keep you posted. I would say definitely don't expect multiple posts in a week (besides this week, apparently).

8. Are you into this stuff sexually? Like voyeurism?

I'm going to go with no. Given my experience thus far, and my general lackluster enthusiasm for porn and such, voyeurism isn't really my thing. Unlike when my boss says it, I mean it.

9. Are there any rules?

Yes. I am not allowed to date any party goers. I cannot take smoking breaks. I cannot take photos. I think that about covers it.

10. What do you wear?

Black cocktail dress and heels. Simple, sexy, not slutty.


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