Sunday, March 6, 2011

We interrupt the scheduled blog post due to CRAZY circumstances


I was faced with an interesting situation tonight that I frankly never thought I'd run into. And yet, run into it... or him, rather... I did. Tonight, as I was sitting at a bar with some friends (old and new), I happened to glance up at a newcomer, only to see a customer.

He knows. I know. My eyes are bugging out before I can muster the brain power to try and keep them in my head. This is a guy that I was planning on writing a whole post about, entitled "Can you smell what the Cougar is cooking?" And now he's right in front of me! He's going hear my real name, see me with my friends, and we might actually have a conversation.

Not to mention, I'm sure he is not so happy about the possible havoc I could have on him. My hostessing is not exactly a secret amongst me and my friends, and if I relax too much about it, people could easily put two-and-two together. I'm sure he's wondering if I'm just going to blurt out: "Hey, --- inch dick! How's your whipped cream loving lady?!"

To be honest, I always thought that having my a friend come to a party was way more likely than having a party goer show up in my real life would ever be. I was prepared to see my friends in compromising positions, if they so choose. Trying to have someone I've seen in a compromising position become a friend, though... leaves me more than a little lost.

So what do I do? I ignore the man the whole night. He's at the table, but he's not anywhere near me. I'm not glaring, but I'm surely not starting up conversation. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best scenario for now. Attempting anything while I'm this shocked is a horrible idea, and showing discretion is the name of the game that I'm playing.

What do you think? Will he ever come back to the parties, knowing that I might be there AND here?


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