Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick side note - How internet dating can make hostessing even more awkward

I'm on an internet dating site, like most people I know (that's right... I've seen you!). Recently, it became a little more awkward than it is even on a normal day. See, one of the party guys found me, and apparently didn't recognize me 100%.

So...I've checked out your profile a couple times, why haven't we talked yet? What do you do for work? It sounds like you're always on the go. I like a girl that can keep busy and play hard when she's got a few hours free. Why don't you drop me a line and we'll talk :)

This created an interesting situation. First of all, he was at the party with Lily, whom I loved. Second of all, I really wasn't interested. Of course I couldn't ignore him, so I decided to keep it professional.

So, I guess you don't recognize me. I think it's best we keep it professional. Tell Lily I say hello, and perhaps I'll see you at a future party.


Luckily, I apparently made a good call. For this morning I received:

Hah, I knew you looked familiar! I couldn't make the connection! I kept saying to myself 'now here's a pretty girl, how haven't I talked to her before...'

Too funny.

Further awkwardness avoided? Probably not.

(Next post will come as soon as possible!!! Real work is keeping me busy 12-16 hours a day, so I'm running a bit behind.)

- Amanda

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